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Awkward & Awesome

I don't know if writing two posts in one day is illegal in the blogging world, but what the heck. Rules are meant to be broken right?! [just kidding mom. i am forever obedient.] I thought i'd summarize the last few days with some Awkward & Awesome.


  • Actually tripping UP the stairs to the library at school, proving that it can be done by idiots like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I'm here until.... forever.  
  •  School yearbook pictures. They really need no explanation of why they belong in this category. 
  •  Having a conversation with someone, and then afterwards realizing you called them by the wrong name the ENTIRE time. Why must i be cursed with so much awkwardness? 
  •  When you have a substitute teacher at school, and look back to find them reading "love tips" on the computer. Not my cup of tea, let me tell ya. 
  • This little gem i found. Truthfully this belongs in both categories, because i'm not quite sure how i feel about my dad being in booty shorts. But on the other hand, the kid had swag. Go Dad. 
  • Nights spent with friends watching John Tucker Must Die and gorging yourself on Ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies. Can you say heaven?
  • My dad writing a song about some trashy people that live in Hurricane. He really should get an award for making me laugh so hard.
  • Coming home from school to hear my mom belting "That's What Makes You Beautiful". 
  • Helping in a second grade class that has the sweetest little kids in it. I am so excited to be a teacher one day!
  • Getting an unexpected text from my best friend. I love that kid. 
May your days be full of Awesomeness, and especially Awkwardness... it keeps you healthy! 
Love P

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