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LISTENING: to Andy Grammar's "Build Me a Girl." I love it! It feels so fresh and sunshiney!

WATCHING: Lost. We just started watching it on Netflix, and i'm totally hooked. Also, throw Lost and some One Tree Hill all together and i am the worlds happiest girl.

EATING: Honey Bunches of Oats, the Cinnamon kind. I think today I've consumed almost a whole box. It could get to be a problem people....(my vision of the future) "Hi. I'm Paisley and i'm addicted to Cereal." "HI PAISLEY."    I might need an intervention.

DRINKING: Some good ole H20. I love drinking water, and have just been given the job of keeping my kidney's healthy so that one day i can give one to momma. (She's not really big on the whole water thing.)

FEELING: Like I've been hit by a train. I've recently acquired a lovely cold, and im just glad the worst hit on the weekend so i can go into a napping coma. Kleenex + Vix Vapor Rub just became my new best friends.

WEATHER: It's still pretty hot here in Hurricane, UT. Right now the skies are blue and telling me to stay inside where there is a steady stream of air conditioning.

WANTING: a maid who can walk the dog, finish my Statistics homework, and clean my room for me.

NEEDING: A longer weekend. Seriously, whoever made up the calendar system must have been one of those cheery, Monday loving people. I, however, think we should only have 2 days a week that school and waking up early are required. Who's with me?

THINKING:  "The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best." -Henry Van Dyke

ENJOYING: Learning new things everyday, experiencing the Lord's tender mercies, and little moments of sheer happiness that couldn't come at a more needed time.

WISHING: I could see my best friends again. It seems like a lifetime ago that they all left. But on the plus side, my amazing cousin Kassara just called me from Ecuador, and she pretty much just made my life.

Love P

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