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Hey friends. It's been a crazy week and sadly i haven't been able to keep you guys up to date on everything that has been going on... but have no fear, because you're about to get the gigantic Homecoming week update.

 It was Homecoming Week at the great Hurricane High School. I don't think I had a single day where i wasn't crazily busy. It was exhausting yet the best week ever.  I loved every second of it, and it definitely ended wonderfully.

The fun really started the Friday before Homecoming week when i got asked by one of the most amazing boys on the planet, Tanner Lundeen, and also watched the Cedar/Hurricane game with my friends. 
Then this past Wednesday was the Powderpuff game. It was so much fun, and seniors won {of course!} 
We had a bonfire and lit the "H"
Friday was the big assembly, parade, and football game. Dad was in a slurpee drinking contest and drove our "Senior Class" float that i was in charge of. It was so fun! 
Gran & Mom sat out and watched the parade.
At the football game, little entrepreneur Caleb sold balloons and was the cutest six year old alive.  
Later on that night, i screamed myself horse at the Dixie/Hurricane game that we won, 34-32. 

Saturday morning we had our day date. We went to the mall and did a video scavenger hunt. We had to do crazy things like act out a breakup, write our names with our butts in a store window, and catwalk the entire length of the mall. It was so fun! we even got pictures with this cool group of motorcyclists from Holland! 
We ate lunch at Mongolian Barbeque {why i had never previously been there is still a mystery... its heaven in a bowl.} The meal was full of laughter, joking, and good ole fun. There was the cutest 80 year old woman there that everyone calls grandma, and she kept giving us origami frogs and swans. She couldn't speak a word of english, but she got a kick out of entertaining us. 

Then later on we got back together to take pictures and eat delicious cheesecake and frozen cream puffs. YUM.  After gorging ourselves on delectable desserts, it was off to the dance. 
Seriously, the night could  not have gone better. It has by far been the best high school dance ever! Who knows if it'll ever be beat! Ahhh. i love high school. 

Have a great week!
Love P


The Stratton's said...

Those three "men" driving the float look a little too crazy to be all together in one vehicle for very long. I swear... they look like their 14 year old selves are about to bust out! Love it.

Paisley Pearson said...

haha they were a hoot. At one point they were all squished up in the front seat and comparing bellies.... i love them.