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If I Could Hie To Kolob

The fam and I just got back from the most wonderful weekend spent at our cabin on Kolob mountain. Most of the Stratton clan was there too, which made for a fun & HILARIOUS couple of days. Some of the highlights were:

Eating more
Almost Dying of food overdose
Playing some guitar on the porch
Lovely mountain breezes
Giggling with my little sister all through the night
Going canoeing with my mom and belting "Just Around the River Bend"
Scaring all the fish away while doing that one ^^
Laughing so hard we almost peed our pants^^
Fishing... or watching fishing being done
Talking with my sweet grandma
Singing Raffi songs
Long naps
Dad doing the high harmonies on old Bon Jovi songs = priceless
Laughing, remembering, cherishing
Playing "Last Word"
Going on a midnight drive with my dad { i love that guy}
Looking up at the milky way
...and last but DEFINITELY  not least...
"Drive This"... Shoutout to Andrea and Kassara


The Stratton's said...

Hee hee hee. That was great. How about Colby's reaction... during the prayer! Loved it. I also have a love affair with that old turquoise boat.

Paisley Pearson said...

It was all i could do to not bust up during the prayer. Oh man.