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Moments of Impact

Challenge Day 20: Ten Significant Moments of My Life

January 15, 1995: Hello World!
March 1995: Before first surgeries
April 1995: Blessing Day
May 2001: Graduated from Bingham Preschool... the long road to being done with school begins.
Summer 2001: Move to Hurricane & start building house
Summer-February 2001: Live with G&G Stratton
February 2, 2002: Baptism & Chantell's Blessing Day

{brief pause in the interesting life moments while i go through the ever so awkward 'Pre-Teen' years. Ah who am i kidding? life is still awkward!}

August 2010: First Day of High School

August 26, 2010:  Grandpa Stratton dies

March 2012: Cait gets married and the gang starts the split

It's been a pretty amazing life so far. Hopefully the next seventeen are full of even more moments of awesomeness. Have a spectacular day!
Love P

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The Stratton's said...

No way! Megan and I were baptized/blessed on the same day too :)