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Note to Self

Challenge Day 14: What You've Learned Throughout Life

I'm really excited about this challenge. About two years ago i started a "Note to Self" list, with weird little pieces of advice I've received, lessons I've learned, or just little tidbits of fun. Granted, i can't say everything on my list, but here are some of the best ones. 

  1. Spend more time with your grandparents. Learn everything you can about them.
  2. In order to park in front of the circle house at Coronado Beach, you must arrive no later than 11:30 a.m.
  3. Drink water. Make your kidneys [and your mother's] proud.
  4. You can never hold your grandma's hand too much.
  5. Friends can be flaky. Families are forever!
  6. Rolled oats and blended oats are TOTALLY different.
  7. Become friends with as many people as possible.
  8. Being friends with your mom will help you all throughout your life.
  9. Save every card, note, or letter you receive. You might find $20 dollars one day.
  10. When going on trips, take half as many clothes, half as much food, and two times the money.
  11. "Don't be stingy with other people's money." -Great Grandpa Jones
  12. Always check the dates on Grandma Stratton's milk.
  13. If  you take the boy you're dating to gran's, odds are the day he's there a catastrophe will start.
  14. Fairness and equality are two very different things.
  15. Live your own life.  
  16. Never talk bad about yourself, because chances are someone is already doing that. 
  17. Volunteering to sit at the sign-in table at a wedding is THE worst thing you could ever do.
  18. When going through roundabouts remember: It's illegal to go 12x in a row, but 11x is perfectly fine. 
  19. "Always park where you have a speedy getaway!" -Grandpa Stratton
  20. The comfiest way to sit on a bus is to put your butt up against the wall, lay down, and put your legs up against the window.
  21. Buns and top knots are allowed every day if desired.
  22. Sing. Everywhere. All the time. 
  23. Be Classy.
  24. You can never read Harry Potter too many times.
  25. Never go at the first call of "Dinner's Ready!" It's a trap for you to set the table.
  26. Country music is mandatory when cooking Saturday Morning Waffles.
  27. You never get to old for Disney movies. Or Disneyland. Or anything Disney really.
  28. You can always do more than you think possible.
  29. Everyone will lose their way at some point, to some degree. Forgive mistakes and have unconditional love.
  30. Take risks. 
Love P

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KassStratt said...

haha! grandma's milk... You are one clever and witty girl :) of course we are related :)