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20 Things That Were Awesome About This Weekend

Road Trips 
Listening to this talk and realizing it was the answer to my prayers
Runs in the crisp autumn air
new laughs with old friends
strawberry milkshakes... WAY better than chocolate ones...
smirks {isn't that a funny word?}
laughing. a lot.
singing loudly to yourself in the car
spontaneous late night trips to Kolob
getting pulled over
dad yodeling like a pro {you may have your doubts... but it seriously was GOOD.}
cinnamon pumpkin pancakes
sunday morning walks through the forest
catching up on some reading
playing guitar in the fresh mountain breeze
long naps
letters from old friends
fall leaves

Please tell me how the weekend could've gone better... oh wait... that would be impossible!
Hope you had a splendid past few days!
Love P

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