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With just a tad of courage...

Challenge Day 21: If you died tomorrow, what's one thing you'd regret not doing?

So... this challenge is kinda hard. Because the answer to this question is one of the best things ive ever done, but also by far the hardest.  Awhile ago i decided that i needed to make some changes to my life, and in order to do that i had to stop being around a certain group of people. I just felt like it was time to start living MY life ya know? I had to choose my own path and i couldn't just follow what others were doing. So, i had to distance myself from these kids. Now please don't get me wrong. These people were so amazing and i still love and care about them.... but they were just going a different direction with their lives. Well, one day i just decided that enough was enough. It was time to put on my big girl panties and just do it. So... I did. 
This day and the four-five months following my decision were some of the hardest days of my life. But, they also led to some of the best things too. For one, i discovered more about myself and who i wanted to be. I gained more confidence in myself, and didn't have to depend on these people for my way of life. Another great thing about my decision is that i got to know a different crowd, and made some amazing new friends. People i probably never would have gotten to know had i stayed attached at the hip to the old group. It's crazy how much your life can change by just one decision. 
There are times where i still miss the 'old group', but i think i'm better off because i chose to pave my own path. I wouldn't take back my decision for a minute. 
So There. Challenge done. {exhaling}
May you all have the courage to be YOUR best, even if it means going through a rough couple of months.
Love P

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