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A creep, a canoe, and one crazy weekend.

 You know those times when life is getting overwhelming and you just need a little break to take some time to prove to yourself you're still alive and okay? Well, this weekend was that needed escape from the reality of the crazy stressful world. It was Fall Break this weekend, and we spent it in true Stratton Family style. We went up to the cabin on Thursday morning and had the most wonderful three days. 

 It was also deer hunt weekend which naturally calls for days spent in bright orange, homemade cinnamon rolls, and long naps in the sun. It was so fun to be with the aunts, uncles, and cousins. We all laughed too hard, ate too much, and wished the weekend didn't have to end. 

 Carly had the best idea ever. Even though Kassara is off having the grandest adventure in Guatemala, we had to make sure Kass was still there for all the fun and excitement. We love you Kass! 

 Look! you even got to pose by the dead Bambi!!!

 I think you've shrunk a little.... 

 While over on our property in Oak Valley, we had a grand time shooting paintball guns, catching horny toads and just being together. 

 How can you not fall in love with this kid?

 There was also the obligatory card playing...

 And of course, a trip down memory lane to Grandpa Stratton's specially built bathroom. 

I seriously think i could live off nothing else but our family's long talks, laughs, and company. 
Another great thing about this weekend was that my cousin Madison came down from Weber State University. I have missed that girl so much the last few months, and we were basically attached at the hip the whole weekend... which is not an exaggeration because she latches on like a koala when she sleeps. We had the funnest time ever going midnight canoeing. There were thousands of stars out, and the lake was so clear, they reflected on the water. It felt like you were flying through the sky in a little aluminum canoe. We laid in that canoe for about two hours every night talking about boys, how lucky we were, our dreams, laughing about old memories, and.... mostly more about boys. (; If it hadn't been so dang cold i think we could've fallen asleep out there and been just fine. 

On Friday night after we had stuffed ourselves silly with food Carly, Cierra, Madison, Aunt Michelle, and I went on a late night walk around the loop. It was a pleasantly cool night, and it felt great to get some fresh air. However, all day we had been hearing stories about a man who keeps breaking into cabins in the area. Well, as we are walking through the forest we hear someone behind us. We look behind us and there is someone following us. The person is very large and intimidating and is walking with a limp. As you can imagine, we are all standing there frozen with fear... And then.... the large man starts charging us. I have never been so scared in my whole life. I was sure it was going to be the cabin man and i was more sure we were all going to be raped and kidnapped. 
It's funny what happens in your brain when you are in a sketchy situation. Half of me wanted to run like Forest Gump and never stop running!!! The other half of me wanted to go tackle the man and beat him up for scaring the begeebies out of me. Well, what ended up happening was that me, Cierra, and Madison started booking it up the road, and Michelle and Carly stayed to fight. Carly picked up a huge rock and yelled "HEY! I WOULDN'T COME CLOSER! I  HAVE GREAT AIM BECAUSE I PLAYED SOFTBALL FOR FOUR YEARS!!!!"  {hahaha best line ever?} So Carly and Michelle start hucking rocks at the man while me and the girls are about a 100 yards down the road all huddled together. 
I'm thinking of what song we should play at Carly and Michelle's joint funeral when all of a sudden the man says "Wait!!! stop!!! it's just me!" 
Have i ever mentioned that my dad likes to torture and scare us on a regular basis?
The better part of the time we had been walking, my dad had been following us waiting for the perfect opportunity to scare us. I will never forgive him for that little prank last night. But it makes for a pretty good story huh?!

So between creepy men stalking us, starlight canoe talks, and everything in between, chalk this weekend up to a success.

Love you! 

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The Stratton's said...

I totally almost took a picture of the outhouse too! I love the sign... I need that picture of all of us with Kassara!