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Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving this year was one of the best. We spent it in Riverton, Utah with the Pearson side of the family. The weekend was full of laughs and memories...and of course FOOD! 

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving was picking up my great grandma Helen Jones from her home in Magna, UT. She is 95 and still full of spunk and mischief. I loved getting to visit with her and hear about her families' traditions from when she was a girl growing up in the 1920's. 

Another highlight was playing the "Candy Bar Game" with all of the relatives. As always, Shirley and Grandma Jones had all the luck, and rolled one every time!!! I think traditions are some of the best things we have in life. 

We also had our annual Turkey Bowl football game in Grandma's backyard, and although the game went into overtime, the girls pulled out the win and were awarded the Magna Elementary School Flipper Bowl trophy. [we use the flipper bowl one because that's all we got... and we had to make do]. 

 Another highlight of the trip was going into Salt Lake City to see the lights at Temple Square. While we were waiting for it to be time, we browsed through the shops in the new City Creek Center. Our favorites were the candy windows in the old ZCMI building. The ornaments are made completely out of candy!

Finally it was time for the lights to come on, and boy were they beautiful. Temple Square was lit up by thousands of tiny lights, and I never wanted to leave. 

Beautiful right??!!! I wish every time i looked out the window this is the view i had!! 

All in all, our Thanksgiving weekend was one that will never be forgotten. I am so thankful for my wonderful family, because without them i could not keep going. I am also very grateful for the church and temples.

Have a wonderful end of November!
Love P

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