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A & A


  • I think i just had the impossible happen to me, and it happened like this: Today i was walking to my Statistics class, just minding my own business, when suddenly i find myself trapped in a hug. As in two people went to hug and somehow i ended up between both of them like some twisted game of "Captains Coming". Anywho, we were all pretty confused as to how this freak event came about, and i got out of their love embrace just as quickly as i could! This probably is in the Top 10 Most Awkward Moments of my young life. 
  • My friend and I were texting during Seminary {we sit next to each other, but talking to him across the aisle is so old school! ;) } and having a grand old time until this tiny blonde girl, who is the most saintly human being i know, gave us the biggest scowl i have EVER seen. I mean, she could make a nun repent with that scowl. I felt instantly like i had done the unpardonable sin and for the rest of class was scared to put one toe out of line. Sad that i can be controlled by a girl who is 5'2 and could blow away in a windstorm.
  • Going through a whole school day with "Pick Up Dyl" on the side of my face because i had forgotten about the freshly written note i had written on the back of my hand, when i decided to take a nap in Government. Good to know i have such great friends who don't tell me that i look like a freakishly tattooed mutant until AFTER school is over. Hooray!
  • Conversations that go like this:   
  -Sam: Are those Ugg Boots?            -Me: Thanks!               


  • Only 10 more days of school!!! Only 5 more days of US Government! Only 5 more days of Financial Literature!! 
  • I'm having an ugly sweater party. And i am stoked. My inner pinterest addict is coming out and i just want to fill my life with making cutesey banners and treats and decorating with ten pounds of tinsel and peppermint sticks. It's going to be legit.  
  • I got my guitar back! It's been a long distance relationship between the two of us while lil bro used it for his guitar class, but we were reunited this weekend. And boy did we bring the house down last night! We were a john mayer/adele/maroon 5 machine! 
  •  I got all the applying for college bologna done with and its such a relief! No more essays about "What events have shaped your life!" No more filling out applications and trying to remember anything in my life that qualifies as impressive! It's like Christmas came early people.
  • I'm listening to Frank Sinatra on Pandora. And what could get more awesome than that?
Isn't life grand? and awkward? and sometimes the most hilarious thing? 
I love it. 
And i love you. So visit again (: 
Love P

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