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17 going on 18

Hello friends! This is me, writing to you in my 18 year old body. Sound the Alarm!!! Warn the police!!! IM AN ADULT! and while i'm half scared to death that i am now an adult and have to be "Mature" {ha. ha. that will be the day} i'm kinda excited out of my mind. I mean, i feel like i could just reach out and touch that big blue earth... Why, i... I... I GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN MY HANDS! {a little Rocketman humor for ya}. Basically, its good to be done with 17. I feel like i could dance around a little gazebo like Rolf on Sound of Music and sing "I am 17 going on 18" for all hours of the night.

Anyways, the festivities yesterday were quite splendid. The parentals took me out to some shopping and then dinner at La Frontera, which is pretty much the best mexican food eva. After we had stuffed ourselves silly, we reunited with the rest of the fam and had some cake and ice cream. And dang was it good.

To sum it all up, it was one of the best birthdays known to man. I'm glad i've lived for 18 years. It's been a good life. (;

Here's to 18 more years just like the first. 
Love P 

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