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A & A


  • Hurriedly going into the restroom because I drank 7 glasses of water before I went to a basketball game, coming out of a stall, seeing a boy at the sink and saying "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?"  To which boy says, "Uh, you're in the mens restroom..." And only then do i notice the urinals. Hey little brain, it would have been nice had you been working 3 minutes ago...
  • The time period between asking a boy to Preference and him answering.. Because i really dont know what i'm supposed to do in this situation. Or basically in any situation involving a boy really. On one hand i could just jabber his ear off about it, or i could awkwardly just say nothing about the whole date-situation. Aaannnndddd right now, we're going with the later. Oi. 
  • When you tell your aunt that you want to go into Elementary Education in college, and she-who-must-not-be-named {{not voldemort, but close}} pipes up and says "OOH. So you want to be poor and starving for the rest of your life? THAT will be fun."  And then Paisley's inner rage gets flipped on, and  there is a few uncomfortable moments. ATTENTION: Without social tact and a decent filter, i'm afraid you are out of luck. You will be doomed to a terrible life where people try to avoid you like the plague.
  • Trying to explain The Backstreet Boys, Boy Meets World, and Furby's to my younger siblings. They looked at me like I had just escaped from the looney bin when I tried to illustrate the love between  Cory and Topanga. WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?! 
  • The fact that i've switched from 1st person to 3rd person to who knows what in the last 4 bullet points. I'm sorry, but i think when Ms. Roberts was teaching us that essential lesson in English I was flirting with the cute boy next to me    flirting with the TWO cute boys sitting next to me   doing vocabulary worksheets or diagramming sentences. Something like that (;


  • Having the first week of softball start, and being able to play on the newly constructed high school field. It's like heaven people. I just want to rake the dirt, water the grass, and make dirt angels on the infield. *sigh*  I know its a little creepy/obsessive/weird but seriously, i'm in love. With dirt. and i'm perfectly fine with that. 
  • The wonderfully loopy effects that modern medicine inflicts upon people. Especially when you have a whole evening to sit on the floor next to someone and listen to all the hilarious things that come out of their mouth. God bless the people who have had to get their wisdom teeth out, because their pain has brought pure and utter bliss to their friends and family who get to listen to them blabber. 
  • Next Tuesday is a big day friends. This girl OFFICIALLY becomes..... {drum roll please}......... AN ADULT! And I can buy dry ice, and sign my own release waivers, and vote, and be free! Well, as free as one can be still living at home, without a job, and attending high school. But ya know, its all in the way you look at it. And i'm choosing to look on the bright side. 
  • We're finally out of the fall semester. Which means that my life can take a swing from terribly bad to blissfully cheery. It's not even that the fall/winter months are bad, but life seems to be wonderful and super and spectacular once spring semester starts, and i can get back to the good life. {ie softball, softball, and softball} 
  • When answers to prayers and tender mercies come when they are least expected. Like today, i found something on pinterest, which led me to this hilarious girl's blog, which led me to reading a post that made me cry- a tears of happiness kind of cry- and find some peace. Guys, Heavenly Father looks out for us. And sometimes answers come in unexpected ways. The end. 
  • Spanish monopoly. We made it a real thing. *fist pump*    My deepest condolences to those who have already been affected by S.M. or will be the target of humiliation and teasing for the rest of time and eternity. But hey, just make this stumbling block into a stepping stone and you'll be set. Until then, just dont get too involved with the community chest... (; 
Well, that's enough rambling for one night. Advice for this weekend: Do something slightly awkward or embarrassing okay? because if you are just boringly perfect and always handle situations with composure, then you are MISSING OUT my friend. Missing out. 
Thanks for stopping by, and come by again. Soon. 
Love P 

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