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Weekly P's

  • helping with the spirit assembly friday at school. I had a blast. And watching people fall on their faces, smack each other with baguettes, and dig with their faces for garlic that was buried in a big bowl of flour definitely was a peak of the week. 
  • seeing the new movie "Safe Haven" with my girls on Valentine's day. It was such a great show, and now I want to move to a small coastal town in North Carolina.
  • getting out of school early on Tuesday because there was a gas leak in the school. 
  • Soaking up some rays on Saturday. The ole white skin enjoyed seeing the light of day.
  • going snowmobiling & sledding with my family and my friend Shelby.  


  • having to take yucky antibiotics that taste like sulfur because of a stupid infection. 
  • realizing there is only a week and a half before my first game. I'm scared out of my pants. 
  • being basically bruised from head to toe from sledding down a bumpy knoll all weekend. But it was all worth it! Even the part where i was drug upside down and backwards the entire length of the sledding slopes. 

Pictures:   From our snow trip this Presidents Day Weekend


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