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Today is my mom's 46th birthday, and although I probably shouldn't have told you how old she is, I DO think she deserves praises for every single year of her life. She is so great, and I love that woman to death. I decided to share a little bit of 46 with you today complete with 46 adorable pictures of her, and 46 things I love about my momma. 


1.  See that laugh up there? I love it. My mom has the best laughter ever. 
2. She can find humor in every boring moment.

3. She isn't afraid to try stuff out and do crazy impossible things. 


4. She is beautiful. I still think she as beautiful at 46 as she was at 16 when she won Miss Hurricane. 
5. She is kind. My mother has such a compassionate heart and always treats others kindly.


6. She is a good listener. Whenever I have a bad day, I know
 I can go to my mom and she will listen to my sob stories. 
7. She is a hard worker. My mom isn't afraid to get down and dirty, and 
I love that about her. She gives 110% and always goes the extra mile.

8. Her smile is infectious. You can't not smile back at her when she gives you this^^


9. She is always giving service. Whether it is helping someone in the ward or helping
 my grandma with her laundry, my mom is always doing something for others.
10. That being said, my mom is so unselfish. She hardly ever takes a
 moment for herself, and puts others before herself constantly.


11. She is dang smart. She knows so much about everything.


12. She is a good teacher. I can't even begin to list all of the things she has 
taught me about life, but I am eternally grateful for all of them.
13. She is a good example, and has shown me how to 
live righteously and find true happiness in this life.


14. She got married to my dad. And he's pretty awesome, and she's pretty awesome. 
Therefore I have THE BEST parents in the world.
15. She got married in the St. George temple, which has been such an example to me. 
I'm so grateful she was worthy to get married there so that we could be a forever family. 

16. She is so patient with me. I am constantly making mistakes or
doing things that aren't great, but she is always patient 
and gives me another chance. 

17. She is very forgiving. Often times she forgives me before she can even get
a chance to get angry with me. I'm so thankful for her forgiveness.

18. She is understanding. I tell my mom a lot of things, and she always 
is understanding and gives me great advice. 

19. My mom is a great supporter of all that we do. She has always supported me and encouraged me in everything I do, and she comes to every single game and performance. 


20. My mom is totally involved in my life. And even though sometimes I tease her about being a little too involved, I really do appreciate the concern and interest she takes in my life. It's so nice to have someone who asks about my day at school, or who wants to hear the skinny on life. 
21. Another thing I love about my mom is that she trusts me with her burdens. She has no problem coming to me with her frustrations and heartaches, and I love that she trusts me enough to tell them to me. 

22. She is a great piano player. She has always blessed our home with beautiful
music, and she taught all of us kids how to play as well. I now have a love for music and
playing the piano, and I owe that all to her.

23. My mom is a good friend. Throughout my life, I have learned that she is one of the only
friends who will always be there for me. When other friends move on, my mom is always there for me. 

24. She is a great cook. She can whip up a delicious meal in no time flat, 
and she makes delectable morsels every day. 

25. She is one mean boogie boarder. Some moms are afraid to get in the water,
but my mom lives for the ocean. She loves to get thrown around and beat up by the 
waves just as much as us kids, and she is such a trooper.

26. She is very creative, and always makes cute little games and decorations. 

27. She is a magician when it comes to yard care. Our lawns have become famous because of her brilliant edging and mowing abilities. The woman knows her way around a hedger. 
28. She taught me to love reading. She was the first person who helped me learn to read,
and I have so many memories of us reading on her waterbed when I was little. I still love to read, 
and I think it's because of the time my mom spent reading with me.

29. She sings all the time. Whether it's during breakfast, or in line at the store that woman always has a song in her heart. It doesn't matter if she knows the words or not. She's singing. {And yes, she is singing in the kitchen as I type this right now} 

30. She isn't afraid to look dumb. This picture below perfectly illustrates this fact. At girls camp a couple years ago, she decked out in a lovely hunters vest and made fake muscles out of cans for the stakies skit. 

31. She likes to play games. And even though she always 
kicks my butt at Rummy, I love to play with her. 

32.  She is athletically skilled. I swear, she has the best receiving hands I have ever seen, and she can still kick a 30 yard field goal. She can also hit the bazookas out of a ball if she gets a bat in her hands. 

33. She knows just how to comfort me. She can help the sun come out on the cloudiest of days,
and make me happy even in the toughest of times. 

34. She stands up for what she believes in.

35.  She can eat 16 roasted marshmallows in one night. And that's pretty admirable if you ask me. 

36. She loves being around our family, and she is constantly doing things to make us happy. 


37. She wears a shower cap when we go swimming. I know this one is kinda random, but
it makes me laugh. She doesn't like getting her hair wet sometimes, so she just throws on that shower cap, and all is good. It's just one of the many quirks I love about her. 
38.  I love it when she mows the lawn in her swimming suit. 

40. She is always cheery in the mornings, and when she comes to 
wake me up in the morning, she always sings songs from Oklahoma. 

41. She loves my dad. She has taught me how to be a great wife and how to support and be an equal partner with your spouse. I know that when I get married,
 I will remember her example and try to be just like her. 

42. She can still do toe touches and cartwheels from her cheer-leading days. 

43. She doesn't get mad at me when I forget to clean my room. 

44. She has a great sense of confidence and isn't afraid to be herself. 

45. She has such a strong testimony of the Savior and the gospel. She constantly buoys 
me up and helps me become closer to my Heavenly Father.  

46. She loves me despite my shortcomings and imperfections.
And for this, I will always love her. 

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you. 
Love P 

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The Stratton's said...

I really admire your madre. The shower cap thing cracks me up, and let it be known that if Linda wears her swimsuit while mowing the lawn sometimes, then I will too! Love that woman...