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// A&A //


  • Reading on the front porch with some hot cocoa, a super great novel, and a blanket during a rainstorm
  • cross-yard food fights
  • getting the 411 about everything boy-related from my friend tanner. It's like I have journeyed to planet boy and found out what happens in their brains. And guess what? It was so great! Even though I learned that I had missed about ten billion clues and hints throughout the years, the night was hilarious and definitely a memory maker. 
  • late night talks under the grape arbor with a girl who could pretty much be my soul-twin. 
  • the gleam of tears in a almost-missionary's eye.
  • the fact that it poured here on friday and FOR ONCE my room didn't flood. Praise the heavens for not having to rip up carpet for the upteenth time. 
  • I leave for college in less than 4 weeks!!! WOOT!
  • My best friend hits 6 months on the mish tomorrow, and is doing great! 


  • Locking myself out of my house on saturday morning when I was already late for work, and not knowing where the spare key had been moved. So I spent about half of an hour walking around my house probably thirty times looking under rocks, rugs, flowers, dogs, and cars for that stupid spare key. 
  • having to work with a barfing girl who didn't take the hint that I was super grossed out and she just needed to get the heck out of there.
  • getting caught by a ranger with my face smooshed up against glass while attempting to copy my face at work. CANT A GIRL XEROX HER FACE IN PEACE? Oi. 
  • going on a late night drive with my friends tanner and kaylauni, and I ended up in the middle of the benchseat, a place where apparently no girl has ever sat before. And then, tanner's gf was walking down the sidewalk and saw me. ON THE BENCHSEAT! And I felt like the biggest awkwardest ball of human ever to walk on the planet. And then to make matters more awkward, Tanner panicked and accidentally revved the engine and turned on the wipers while trying to signal, and I started to scream because i was on the benchseat and she was on the sidewalk. And it was an all around moment of awkwardness. Holla.
  • Staying at a party so long you ware out your welcome, and then returning an hour later and "renewing" our welcome. So what if we don't have lives and end up sitting under someones grape arbor until the wee hours of the night? It's perfectly normal. 
Life is great and new adventures are just around the corner.
Have a splendid day, and thanks for reading about my awkwardness.
Love P

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The Stratton's said...

Those awkwards were just great!!