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hello from suu

So, once upon a time I thought it would be easy to just bust out blog posts every day when I started college.... Yeah. Obviously that isn't going as well as I was hoping, but I'll try and catch you up on life here at SUU.

Last Wednesday I packed up all my stuff and drove to Cedar with my momma and moved into my apartment. It is on campus and such a good place to be. I lucked out and got my own room, which turns out is the best thing that's happened since pb & j. The first few days here were some of the hardest i've ever had and I was so homesick. I just wanted to hop in my car, get on I-15 and never come back to college. I hadn't quite gotten to know my roommates very well and I basically felt so lost. But then Saturday night it was like the world had done a total 360 and everything started getting so much better! After a quick visit home to be reassured that I could still survive college, I came back and went to a crazy fun dance at the centrum and HOLY COW. I have never danced so crazy in my life. It was so fun and I hung out with my roommates all night, who turn out to be the greatest, funniest, best girls i've ever known. I dont know what I did to deserve such great roommates but I am just so thankful I don't have a crazy meth head or something living in the apartment with me.

I am finally starting to get a hang of this college thing, and I'm actually loving it at times. It is still a big adjustment, but it's getting better all the time. Classes started on monday and I haven't committed suicide yet, so BONUS.

Well, I won't keep boring you with all my meaningless rambles. But just know I'm alive and well and I'll try to post more often about college life.

Love P

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