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Regrets & Re-Do's

Last week I was talking with a friend about how good high school actually was. We talked for hours about what we would do differently if we could do it all over again. I've been constantly thinking about all the things I would change if I had another chance to "do-over" the last four years of school. Here's 25 things that I would be sure to do or not do again. 

  1. I would go to all the little dances after the football games even if they were stupid
  2. I would worry less about what other people thought about me
  3. I would spend more time at the batting cages
  4. I would spend less time applying for scholarships
  5. I would just let that boy kiss me in the parking lot
  6. I would spend less time worrying about school and just relax
  7. I would spend more time going to activities with my sister
  8. I would get to know people earlier
  9. I would not wear half the things I wore my sophomore year
  10. I would not take the AP statistics test
  11. I would stopped being a scaredy-cat and done the homecoming pageant my senior year
  12. I would take some more risks
  13. I would not waste so much time at home
  14. I would not spend time being mad at the people I loved
  15. I would tell that boy that I loved him
  16. I would spend more time at the baseball field
  17. I would bean Brytni Gurney in that last softball game
  18. I would spend more time with my grandpa
  19. I would go over during lunch to play piano for my grandma
  20. I would get my patriarchal blessing earlier
  21. I would have more confidence in myself
  22. I would spend my money smarter
  23. I would eat better
  24. I would not let some friendships go by the wayside
  25. I would make sure there were no regrets
Life is a funny thing. We spend time doing things that seem so important to us at the time, but they really aren't. On the other hand, we hold ourselves back from doing things that in the long run could be life-changers. It's become a goal to take more risks, not make choices that i'll regret, and continue trying to get through life with as much joy, happiness, and success as possible. Here's wishing you the same. 
Love P

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