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THINKING: That the amount of half finished blog posts I have is pretty ridiculous. I have good intentions but then I get sidetracked and they just never see the light of day. Well, there's always next month to be better I guess! 

WANTING: longer weekends and shorter weekdays

READING: over and over the sweetest birthday card from the sweetest elder

EATING: My daily dose of toast (yes, it's a real thing) and my roommates graham crackers. Shh... don't tell her please... hahaha (:

WATCHING: Hart of Dixie, and although I hate to admit it, I did watch High School Musical last night. Netflix is my friend and sometimes you do weird things like watch Zach Efron before he hit puberty dance with basketballs. It's a blessing and a curse (;

TRYING: To make it through all five days of school this week. This is the first week of the whole semester that I have actually had class Monday - Friday and it's killing me. But hey, its hump day and I've almost survived!

CALLING: My momma to tell her all about the adventures of college and the updates about life. I sure do love that woman. 

LOVING: P-Days. Especially when they surprisingly come on Tuesdays! What could be better than hearing from your friends two days in a row?!!! 

ENJOYING: The warm weather here in Cedar and the fact that it hasn't snowed since November!!! Let's just be done with winter and let me wear shorts and watch baseball. I'm so down!!

LISTENING: To country music. I don't know if it's the fact that I want warm weather already or just that I need to get away from the crappy music that is played on the only station here, but it's like chicken noodle for the soul. Country chicken noodle soup. (;

CELEBRATING: Mr T's one year mark!!!! Can we please just have a moment of non stop smiling and cheering and cheesy happy faces? Because basically that's what I do whenever I think of this special milestone.

REMEMBERING: What it was like to go over to Grandpa Stratton's and being paid 1 penny for every walnut that I picked up off the ground. And then he would send us home with some chocolate milk and fruit pies after telling us that he had the "prettiest granddaughters in the world". 

QUOTING: "Patience means active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something and doing all that we can—working, hoping, and exercising faith; bearing hardship with fortitude, even when the desires of our hearts are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!" 
{from "Continue in Patience" by Elder Uchtdorf}

Hope you're having a great day, wherever you may be.
Love P

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