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Hello and happy September! One month of college is already gone, but it has been so so good to us. I am LOVING being an elementary ed major and all the fun that comes with it. I feel like I definitely chose the right path {mainly because all we ever do is play and eat treats}.  It's been so much fun living with cierra, and bouncing back home to go to stuff with the family. 

Some of the best parts of September have included:

going to bryce canyon 
wacky wednesday party with momma and telli
watching the sandlot out under the stars "Hey, is that your sister out in left field, naked?" {insert crying face emoji}
homecoming week 
g&g pearson coming to visit
bike rides during golden hour
swinging at the park
catching up with my momma after not having therapy hour for two weeks
sunday game nights at em's
dinner on our porch
free tickets to plays
laughing my head off at "boeing boeing" with c
recorder nonsense and games with team 2 in music for elem ed
once upon a time marathons
rainy weather
passing the praxis *FIST PUMP*
when cierra cooks sunday dinner 
sleeping with the windows open

So much good, and we've still got two weeks of september left. 
Hope you all are enjoying your fall too!
Love P

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