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Hola From our Honeymoon

// highlights from our honeymoon to Cancun//

Hola! We returned from our honeymoon a week ago, and I already wish we could take another one! We spent a week in sunny, beautiful Cancun Mexico and it was the vacation of a lifetime. 
Here are some good things about our trip: 

Making it through the airports with only a few tiny incidents! 
Flying for the first time
Going out of the country for the first time
window seats all the way 
king sized beds
fluffy white robes
being able to sleep in
ocean + pool view out our balcony
cinnamon french toast for breakfast every day
ocean water that is as warm as a bath
getting sunburns the first day 
peacocks and iguanas everywhere
drinking smoothies in the pool
rooms that are air conditioned so we could get away from the humidity
dulce de leche ice cream 
live music during dinner
24 restaurants to choose from 
watching the olympics in spanish
hopping on a random bus and hoping we made it to downtown cancun
getting ripped off by mexican store owners
wandering through little shops and finding treasures
mcdonalds ice cream cones 
mariachi singers on the bus ride home
dinner at Cocoa.... aka the best grill and seafood restaurant known to man
fake cheesecake 
watching shows in the pyramid at night
waking up early to walk the beach
** when its actually 5:30 am and you didn't realize that's why the beach was empty
attempting to snorkel off the shore
jumping waves for hours
tropical storms
only getting 1 picture together where our eyes are opened. #photogenic 
being known as "Coke and Sprite" because we were the only ones not drinking alcohol
surviving a whole week without ice 
not having to worry about wedding plans
spending a whole week with my husband (!!!) 

We absolutely loved our trip and are so grateful to Colten's parents for sending us on such a beautiful vacation! Marriage started off spectacular, and it has only continued to get better! This new chapter of life is full of lots of growth, learning, and fun, and I think I snagged the best husband around. 
Love P

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