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A Letter to my past, present, and future self

// And I said to my self, "I want to be your friend." 
It took a long breath and replied, "I've been waiting my whole life for this". //

Hey there pais. 

It's time we get on top of something that's been hanging around your whole life. It's time that you give some of the love that you carry in that big ole heart to yourself.  It's time to throw your lousy self-esteem down the drain and get on with living the happy life that you deserve.

 It doesn't matter if you aren't what is considered ideal. It doesn't matter if you will never look like "her". You look like you. You carry the traits that tell the story of your parent's love story, and the two families that they merged. You are proof of the life that a man with chubby pearson cheeks & a long haired stubborn stratton created. Your spirit shows the scars from heartbreak & trials that have molded your testimony. Your heart shows a girl who has been to hell and back, and came out a better person. 

It doesn't matter if you will never be able to do what "she" can do. Your body shows the challenges & miracles you faced as a baby - and how you have overcome them to create a life full of adventures. Your talents are proof of a girl who learned to work hard & sought to know herself. You might not have the same accomplishments as "her", but think about all the things you have worked hard to do for YOURSELF.

Sweet girl - think of how amazing you are. You are courageous. patient. big hearted. intelligent. witty. forgiving. caring. sentimental.... all words that mean more than adjectives like "skinny" or "perfect". You will never have a thigh gap - but you have legs that carry you onto your goals. You will always have a double chin when you laugh - but you are laughing because the people around you bring you joy. You will always be the girl who cries too much - but that's because you feel everything so strongly. You will always be the girl who doesn't have a big group of friends - but that's because instead of craving friends, you crave family over everything else. 

You. You are more than enough. So it's time to kiss your own fingertips and hug your own curves. It's time to love yourself - especially in the moments when you don't feel like it. 

To the past me: I'm sorry I wasted so much time feeling insecure. 
To the present me: I'm glad I finally got my act together.
To the future me: Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable. 

Love P  

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