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4 Times Saying Yes Has Changed My Life

When's the last time you got out of your comfort zone and said "Yes" to something that scared you? 

I will be the first one to admit that i love my comfort zone and dont often leave it.... and I kind of like it that way! However, there have been some distinct moments where, for one reason or another, I said yes to something that made me try something new + often times frightening. And you know what? As I look back on those moments, I've realized that they each provided a tiny turning point in my life. It's made me realize the power + growth that comes from agreeing to do something new.

So here they are: The Five Times Saying Yes Has Changed My Life

1. Saying Yes to a Blind Date

Dating: weird and hard as it is. Blind Date? Normally I would have said HECK NO! 
Here's the nutshell: My best friend Emilee + I had plans to do a double date with 2 of my friends from high school. However, my date fell through last minute. My natural reaction was to kindly bow out and I told Emilee + my friend to go without me. 

I was in Hurricane for my cousin's wedding, and was fully planning on spending the whole evening in town for the reception. My phone rang + it wasn't a number I recognized. I get spam calls all the time, so I ignored the call at first. However, something nudged me to answer it, so I did. I heard a deep voice from the other side say, "YO! Is this Pazizzle?" A boy named Colten had apparently been recruited to be my blind date and was asking me out. I had no idea who he was, and my introverted + awkward personality was screaming "JUST SAY YOU'RE BUSY"... I mean, I had a very good excuse to not be able to go. 

Apparently my brain + mouth were not connected because I heard myself say "Yes! Sounds fun." 
Little did I know that the YES I said that night was said to my future husband. Had I not said Yes in that brief moment of bravery, who knows if I would have ever met Colt! 
For all I know I'd still be stuck in the YSA ward. 😳

2. Saying Yes to His Marriage Proposal

This one was not hard in any way. Colten and I dated for six months + knew we wanted to get married. We had talked about it, picked out a ring, and even scheduled the temple! (What can I say? The STG temple fills up months in advance!😉)

On May 9th (Colten's Birthday), we had gone to STG for dinner + we were going the back way to my house which goes around Sand Hollow. There is a pull off spot overlooking the lake that Colt and I had gone to a lot- it's my favorite spot to watch the sunset. We were up there + I noticed that Colten's heart was beating super fast! I asked him if he was okay + he made up some lame excuse about him being out of breath from the walk. I thought it was weird, because he's in good shape, but I just brushed it off. A few minutes later, he got down on one knee + asked me to marry him. I was saying Yes before he could even finish. We drove into town + the very first person we went and told was my grandma 💗

Saying Yes to Colten that night has honestly changed my life for the better. We've been married for about two years, and I've never once regretted it!

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3. Saying Yes to Photographing a Birth Story

This experience is one I think about almost everyday - especially when my confidence is lacking.
I've always loved photography + although I currently don't do it as a business, I love doing it as a hobby when I'm not busy teaching. I've done some sessions for family + friends, but nothing major.

In Spring 2017, a friend from our ward asked me to photograph the birth of her first baby. I was honestly so surprised that she would ask me to do it + trust me with this important day. I had never done anything like a birth story and automatic feelings of inadequacy made me turn down the offer.
However, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I felt like this was a chance to push my self creatively + with my photography. Besides, if I didn't say yes, would I ever get an opportunity to try it again? I texted her and told her I had changed my mind.

A few weeks later sweet Baby Brown was born + being able to capture those tender moments for Aubryelle + Riley was so amazing. I literally cried when I got home to edit because I had never before captured such raw emotion + love on camera. (and overjoyed that I hadn't screwed up!) To this day I am so thankful for the Browns for trusting me to shoot their birth story. Now every time an opporunity comes up - whether in photography, teaching, etc I remind my self that I can do more than I think I'm capable of.

4. Saying Yes to My First Teaching Job

I had two months until my college graduation when I interviewed for a teaching job in Cedar City. The interview alone almost convinced me to change my major - I sat at the end of a long conference table which had 8 principals, 3 district superintendents + about 10 other members of the interview committee. Talk about on the spot! In Iron County, the interviewing process is kinda like the NBA draft - you interview for all of the open elementary positions (K-6), and if a principal wants you, they get to draft you to their school. You have no idea which grade/school you will get - but you are just praying someone wants you because a teaching job is a teaching job!

Well, I survived my interview, and I actually felt I had done really well. I had heard rumors that a certain principal had been looking into me prior to the interviews for a kindergarten opening. So in my mind, I was thinking Kindergarten would be where I would end up. The day of the interviews, I got a call from the principal at East Elementary, offering me a job. I was fully expecting kindergarten, so when he said "I'd like to offer you a position teaching First Grade Dual Immersion" I honestly was blown away. I knew the challenges of being a Dual teacher, and wasn't sure I could handle it as a first year teacher. However, I knew that because of the draft-style interviews, this was kinda my only shot. I tried to summon all of my courage + told the principal I would accept the job.

Now, with my first year over with + my second one speedily coming, I wouldn't change where I'm at for anything. First grade is a dream, and although Dual Immersion is kinda like drinking out of a fire hose, it's exactly where I am supposed to be!!

Saying yes can be scary + requires courage, 
but my life has changed because of it, and I'm oh so grateful!
So say YES to new love, opportunities to learn, forgiving loved ones,
trying new things, and getting out of your comfort zone. 
Love P

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