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#Summer Bucket List

Is there anything better than summer? The answer is YES.

Summer as a teacher is AMAZING!
 For three blessed months I can fill my days up with whatever I want to do! 
And for me, that means getting around to everything I didn't have time for during the school year. 
We've started making a bucket list for each season, and it's been so fun to spend time together trying new things + doing old favorites. 

Things we've already crossed off our list:
weekend at the cabin
go fishing with family at Blue Springs
pizza at the park
date night with friends

Things we still need to do:
pine valley cookout with family
walk the Coal Creek trail
go fourwheeling to 2000 flushes
hike Kanaraville Falls
watch a movie under the stars
tiki shack snocones
swim at Kolob Reservoir
ice cream @ palette creamery
ride the ferris wheel at the county fair

Anything we need to add? 
Share your favorites + recommendations!
Love P

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