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Awkward and Awesome

  • Going to the wedding of people you don't know... "Hey, congrats! You don't know me, but you look really pretty!! Have a great marriage!" yeah. not on my list of things to do again people.
  • Wearing out your welcome at someones house. 
  • Coming out of the bathroom with your shirt tucked in your underwear.... cute, i know.
  • Pulling up next to a car at a red light, to see your math teacher yelling at his kids. I unsuccessfully tried not to laugh
  • When weddings have dancing at the end.. So dreamy, let me tell ya. 
  • Going on a late night stroll, and eating Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream on a park bench.
  • Sunday nights at grandma's house where the following expressions can be heard: "Are they fighting with breadsticks?!"  and   " I bet he burned his britches right off!!" 
  • Sleepovers that consist of Chocolate Mudslide Cake, Rocketman, and lots of laughter. 
  • Going to the temple with your best friend and his siblings. 
  • Reading a book in the sun
  • Homemade Peach Cobbler.... (que chorus of angels)
  • Softball games under the lights

Hope you had as great a weekend as I did!