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Never Ending Love

I am so blessed in my life to have an amazing family. My mom's entire side of the family lives here in Hurricane, and as a result we are very close. I am especially close to my girl cousins. There are eight of us that were born within six years of each other, and over the years we've formed a little "Gang" of girl cousins. Wanna meet them? okay. i thought you would!  
Lets start from left to right:
Carly: She's 18 and super athletic, fun, and independent. She is attending BYU this fall and will be playing on their basketball team.
Shyanne: She's a sophmore in high school and loves horses. She can be quiet and shy at times, but she's such a sweet heart and loves to laugh.
Kassara: She's 22 and loves to dance and be crazy. She has been teaching dance and attending Dixie State College for the past few years, but is leaving to go do humanitarian work in Ecuador and Guatemala. She and I are super close and even though she's almost 5 years older than me, we still hangout every week.
Me: I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I love to play softball and go on bike rides.
Caitlin: She's 19 and just got married in march. She was the first of the gang to get married. She loves the outdoors and finding new recipes so she can wreak havoc in the kitchen.... Just kidding. She's my sister so i'm allowed to give her a hard time.
Cierra: She's 16 and loves to play sports and read. She is so fun to be around. She also plays softball with me, so we spend everyday together from march to may. I love her to death.
Madison: She's 19 and is a sophmore at Weber State University. She is very outgoing and loves to have fun. She has the biggest heart and loves everyone.
Jessica: She's 18 and is starting college this fall. She loves the outdoors, reading, and helping people. She loves to do humanitarian projects and wants to be a Social Worker someday. She has a vibrant personality and she's so sweet.

We do everything together. Sleepover, Hike, play sports, go support each other at games and performances, and just love being together. Most sunday nights you can find us at my Grandma's house, tucked in a corner talking and catching up. These girls are literally my best friends, and i know i could talk to them about pretty much anything.

However, as people do, most of them have graduated from high school and are going off on their own adventures. This weekend has been especially hard and full of goodbyes. Carly, Jessica, and Madison leave for college tomorrow, Kassara is going to Ecuador and Guatamala for three months and left today, and Caitlin leaves Thursday to move to Washington. As happy as i am for them to go explore the big bad world, i feel sad and a little left behind. It will be a hard few months until we all see each other again.... But i know that time will fly by and soon we'll be talking and laughing about crazy experiences. I love you girls so much! Thank you for being there for me.

May your days be full of sunshine,
Love P