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The Best Two Months

As the summer comes to a close, I'm realizing just how much fun I've had the last couple of months. Pretty much every day has been jam-packed, but I've gone and done amazing things, and i wouldn't trade it for the world. Lets start at the very beginning, shall we? 
 ^ This picture was taken at graduation. Here's me with some of the most amazing girls ever. This day was dreaded for months, because it meant that most my friends were moving on without me. Sad Sad. 
 ^This beaut was taken at Red Cliffs National Reserve. We had ourselves a little cookout, went hiking, and the girl gang stopped to pose with our lovely, amazing, hilarious, grandma. Seriously, I have the best family ever. 

The next few were taken on our family trip to Oceanside, CA. We went with my cousins and had the best time ever. I wish I could just live on the boardwalk and eat fish and chips for the rest of my life. If only!

 ^ Mom and Pop showing off their "High School Musical" jumps. 
 ^ Look! We made a....distorted heart!!!
 ^ This is me with my BEAUTIFUL cousin Kassara. She and her sister, Madison are seriously two of my best friends. God must love us to have us be friends, and cousins too! 
^ You have NO idea how much coercing it took to get these two boys to pose next to this Pirate dummy. It was a miracle and a half, let me tell ya. 

^ We bought some LOVELY 30 cent sweaters at a mexican swap meet and sang songs to random surfers and beach goers. Hoorah for craziness!!
^ The second week of June, I went to Girls State, which can be explained in one sentence. ahem... No sleep, No boys, No gum, Lots of fun.  That was a sentence right??!! 
 ^ My fourth of July was spent trekking through the CAPTIVATING (ha. ha.) land of Wyoming. Although I will never complain about sleeping on a carpeted floor again, it was a beyond amazing experience and I would experience it over and over again. 

 Now to one of the best parts. I attended a leadership camp at Southern Utah University called Governor's Honors Academy for 10 days, and learned so much. I met the best kids ever, went hiking in Zion, watched Les Miserables at the Shakespearean Festival, went 10 days without sleep, and gained a totally new perspective on life. At the end of the 10 days, I was glad to come home and see the fam, but I had some serious withdrawals from my fellow GHA'ers for quite some time. 
 ^ This is my Personal Development group. I don't know how we got so lucky, but we had THE best counselor in the world.  The kids in the group were amazing! We're a good looking group eh? 
 ^ More huggy group pictures. Yay! 
 ^ This is Brandon. He's from Kanab and seriously so funny. 
 ^This is my beyond incredible roommate, Camille. She is from Delta, and quiet at first, but once you get to know her.... you can't stop loving her. She's smart, thoughtful, loving, and everything else you could want in a roommate. And she's beautiful to boot! 

Our summer ended up with a spontaneous trip to Salt Lake City to visit the grandparents. 
 ^ This is me and my brother Caleb at Apollo Burger, home of the best Pastrami burger on this green earth. Ahh.... I could eat a thousand and never think twice. 
 ^ Me and my sister Chantell at our Pioneer Day barbecue. Naturally, Grandpa Pearson cooked his delicious honey-glazed ham, and Aunt Shirley made her fruit ice cream. When both those things are on the table, you know that you are loved. 
 ^ Enjoying a Salt Lake Bees Game

^ This kid is half crazy I swear. But you'll never meet a cuter 6 year old on planet earth. Don't tell the other kids, but he's kinda my favorite.

Well, that in a nut shell is what my summer days have been filled with! 
Thanks for reading
Love P