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Oh to be a child...

Challenge Day 18: List of Childhood Dreams
  1.  Be a figure skater
  2. Be a gymnast (too bad i can't even do a cartwheel...)
  3. Be a farmer
  4. Sing like Brittney Spears
  5. Have a kitten named Sassy (I'm glad this never happened. cats aren't really my favorite anymore)
  6. Have a purple Jeep
  7. Have a dance studio
  8. Be as pretty as my mom (an impossible feat...)
  9. Have a collection of Furby's 
  10. Live in Hawaii
  11. Be a kindergarten teacher
  12. Take Pointe lessons
  13. Learn to play guitar like my dad
  14. Have a twin brother
  15. Be the winner on Radio Disney
Isn't it funny what we think will become of our lives when we are six? I mean, as much as i would love to be an olympic gymnast/farmer/cat woman, i don't really see that happening now that i'm seventeen. But who knows?! Life has a way of surprising us all. 
Love P

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