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Awkward & Awesome


  • When your friend tells you he likes you... Only problem is he has a girlfriend.... Oi. 
  • When my literature teachers yells "GET SOME!" while we're reading Shakespeare.
  • When you pay your tithing in all coins smaller than a quarter because you don't want to give up your bills... and the ward clerk is eyeing you from afar probably cursing you for causing him so many hours of grief...
  • When the exec council keeps announcing that the senior cruise is going to BawJAA Mexico after graduation... I thought we were trying to prove to the rest of the world that we aren't hicks??? come one people!!! 
  • Singing a song in church and thinking that there's a high note coming up, so i tell myself, 'Show off your great voice! Go for the gold!'.... and it turns out that it wasn't a high note, in fact it was the lowest of all low notes. WWJSND? (; 
  • When everyone has a perfect little love movie happening in their life and i'm like.... on Saturday night i walked the dog!!! 
  • Getting caught listening to Christmas music in my house, which is strictly against the family law because football season is not over yet. It was like i had been caught stealing my inheritance from the vault i tell you. 


  • People are coming back!!! Caitlin is moving home in 3 days, and Kassara is coming back in 10 days! excuse me while i go do my victory dance around the yard. 
  • Playing World Series Bingo for Family Night. My family >>>> than yours.
  • Convincing my little brother to dance for people in a restaurant.
  • Dates where you just laugh your little head off the whole night.
  • Talking to one of my really good friends after not seeing them since August, and it was like we had never been apart. 
Isn't life great? May your life be full of Awkward and Awesome all at the same time. Because heaven knows it keeps us all lively. 
Love P

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