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Take Me Back

Challenge Day 27  : Favorite Childhood Place

Today's challenge takes me back to when i was a carefree little girl. My favorite place growing up was my Grandpa and Grandma Stratton's backyard. It was full of so many places to hide, explore, and have fun in. Whether it was climbing the old Mulberry tree, trying to swing so high our feet touched the leaves, or playing baseball with the cousins, it was impossible to be bored in their backyard.

Another favorite thing about their backyard was this little guy. I swear i spent half my life on this little rocking pig. Who knows why, but i always called dibs on Mr. Piggy instead of choosing the other animal play-mates like the buffalo or the shark.

This is where the magic of sports really started for me. I couldn't wait for the summer months to come, so the evening light could allow us to play baseball in this backyard. It was quite the event, and we played for as long as the light would allow. I was only six or seven when i started joining the "Big Kids" in the game. I will always  remember how nice and patient they were to me as i would swing and miss multiple times in a row. Another thing i loved about playing baseball in the yard was that my grandpa would come sit on the steps and cheer us on. He was also the official umpire. Once we even got him to take a few swings.

This patio served for the stage of multiple plays thought up by Madison. {The girl gang was really into putting on plays back then.} It was also the best place to hide when we were playing Sardines.
 Under the grape arbor was also a popular spot. I remember summer days just swinging my life away, eating some home-grown grapes.

I still love going and being in my grandparent's backyard. It served as my favorite childhood playground, and i will never forget the magic it brought. 

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