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The Big Kahuna of Family Traditions

Challenge Day 26: What's something you're really excited for?

Oh my. Listen up friends. I am so excited for NEXT Thanksgiving. Why? Oh ya know. Just because our family does the AWESOMEST tradition in the whole world. 

we start the weekend off by having a delectable Thanksgiving dinner up at our cabin. We stuff our selves silly, put the occasional lizard in Cierra's drink, and then watch movies and play games the rest of the night. 
In the morning after a delightful breakfast of sausage, eggs, and cabin pancakes, we head home to begin making..... Homemade Chocolates. That's right. {its okay to be jealous}

You might be asking yourself how exactly one makes chocolates. Well, you're about to get a step by step plan of how to accomplish making successful Stratton Chocolates. 

Step 1: Make Your "Centers" We make sure to have a huge variety of flavors so that everyone can have their favorite. Some of our faves are peanut butter, raspberry, mint, pinoche, strawberry, truffles, cherry, coconut, caramels, and tons of different kinds of nuts. 

After you have all your Centers whipped up, you have to cut them into small pieces and roll them into little balls of deliciousness on your apron. 

 The key getting perfectly rolled centers is singing "Lonesome Dove" and "Captain Organic Veggie Man" at the top of your lungs. Oh, and also having corn starch wars. Can't forget that!

 {i love these girls so much}
Step #2 is to melt lots of  yummy chocolate and dip the centers.

 {my uncle Craig is the master at dipping centers}
Then you let the chocolate dry, and put them in these cute little paper cups. 

 {sometimes Kassara likes to get creative with her spelling of Pinoche}
 an essential part of this step is to include lots of crazy singing, shown nicely here by the magnificent Michelle. 

of course, you have to remember to include a good Mario Cart Competition.
And the occasional wrestling competition.
the last step is to box the chocolates and put the special stamp on the box. 

After boxing, anyone who's cool does a stirring rendition of the Escalante Fight Song, led by our fearless leader Aunt Michelle
last but not least, the kids get a chance to dip. They dip gummy bears and sour worms, and get to lick all that chocolate off their hands when they're finished. 

And that my friends, is what i am most excited for. 
Love P

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The Stratton's said...

Somehow I forget that Lonesome Dove & the Escalante fight song are sung at the same exact times every year :) I love our family!