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A Little Behind....

Hey friends! I'm sorry i've been terrible at staying up to date on life and my challenge posts, but sometimes life just throws a thousand different things at you all at one time... which means blogging gets put at the end of your to do list. Nevertheless, the last week has been AWESOME.  Wanna hear about it?

Halloween was last week and i think we pulled it off in a dashing manner. 

These cute little yahoos were dressed to the nines and loved going trick or treating around our neighborhood. {which is one crazy crowded place on halloween}. 

On Thursday, i got to see my sister Caitlin after three months of waiting. It was so fun to talk and catch up on each other's lives. 

Friday the whole fam drove up to Salt Lake City to watch the Juan Diego vs. Hurricane game. Sadly, the football season came to an end that night. BUT... its also good news because now we can talk about Christmas  listen to Christmas music, and set up Christmas in our house. YIPEE!!!! 

Sunday was the best day of all i think. I got my patriarchal blessing, and let me tell you. It's crazy how well Heavenly Father knows exactly what to tell you at the right time. Basically all my worries about life are gone, and i am so blessed to be a member of the LDS church. Wow. It was great. 

Monday {yesterday} we made delicious white chocolate caramel apples for Family Night. They are SO good. 

Well, that was a small glimpse about what i've been up to for the past few days. Hopefully i can find more time to be better at blogging. 

Love P


The Stratton's said...

I forgot about your "no Christmas until football is over" rule. That is delightful. Though I was sad to hear about the loss...

Dylan looks insane. And fantastic. Insanely fantastic.

I'm happy for you and your patriarchal blessing. It is such an incredible tool for you right now, but don't forget about its awesomeness. I pulled mine out after a couple of years (gasp!) and realized it had just as much if not more meaning and comfort for me as an adult with children as it did when I was a youth trying to make all those big decisions.

Paisley Pearson said...

Andrea, Dylan could be the next Mrs. Doubtfire dont you think? (: and yes, patriarchal blessings are awesome!