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listening:     to this
watching:  Charlie St. Cloud. {thank you Zac Efron for being so attractive.}
feeling: so wonderful. Despite this yucky sore throat of mine, today has been absolutely splendid. I got to see my best friend and celebrate another friend's birthday.
weather: slightly chilly. The winter months are definitely here!
wanting:  Thanksgiving break to hurry up and get here already! School is kicking my bu-utt. Why did i take hard classes again? was i dropped on my head as a child?! Oi.
loving:   how RIGHT everything feels at this moment. Have you ever had something in your life that just feels like it fits so perfectly? and that all the puzzle pieces come together when someone is around? yeah... that's me right now.
thinking:  that if i can survive school until Christmas, i will have done the impossible.
enjoying:  seeing dearly missed friends after many months of a friendship drought.
wishing:  that this feeling in my gut is right... and that one day things will all work out!
quoting:  "The older I get, the surer I am that I'm not running the show."
laughing: at my crazy family. Ty came over tonight and my family acted perfectly normal. As soon as he left, my brothers broke out the snake charmer flutes and ran around like banshees while my mom did a Russian dance. THIS is why i am the way i am... its contagious!
learning: Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

Have a splendid week. 
Love P

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