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A&A Overload

Sorry that almost all of my posts lately have been A&A's, but when my life is one big awkward moment, its kinda inevitable. So here we go again. Ready, GO!! 

  • sleeping in a bed with a girl you don't know. And she steals the covers and talks in her sleep. Needless to say, one of the more sleepless nights i've had
  •  being introduced to someone, and I was trying SO hard to be friendly. So i tried to do the "well-mannered" and "polite" thing to do in that situation, but ended up practically reaching out, grabbing their hand, and forcing them to shake mine... and it was awkward. I still think its better to error on the side of friendly and polite than someone who could care less, but nevertheless, i'm glad i probably won't see my new acquaintance for at least a few years. 
  •  somehow getting on the subject of "virgins" in seminary, and after we had talked about what they were,  Bro. Hirsch tried to save the discussion by saying that women were pieces of land to be purchased... which either makes us sound like prostitutes or big pieces of dusty dirty land. You choose. 
  •  The boy who decided to add his input into ^^ this convo, and said "Yeah... like. You wouldnt want to buy dirty land." and another that said "You want fertile soil!" hahaha. Bro Hirsch. You literally dug yourself a pit. in a big piece of land. woman land. 
  • post setting-apart pictures and goodbyes. Don't worry, i have proof of the awkwardness.  We weren't allowed to really touch Ty after he was set apart, the only thing we could do was give a good-ole handshake. Christine and I may have cheated just a tad, and pulled what i'd like to call "a handshake with a side of hand patting". Like the way you would console someone whose great cousin had just died. It was so hard/awkward/{enter word here} not to be able to put our arms around him in the pictures, but don't worry. We improvised. Me and Stine linked arms behind Tyler, creating the illusion that we were all huggy/ lovey friends when really we were acting like we all had cooties. Here's some pictures to illustrate the awkwardness. 
^^ Here's the illusion pictures. To the naked eye, we look like we all like each other. But really, its all a mirage. Awks. 

^^Left: the awkward "i dont know how to stand.. but lets try to look natural" picture. Right: Standing an arms length away from the missionary. 
  • Bursting into tears when the song "I Wanna Talk About Me" by Toby Keith came on the radio today. Why would my tear ducts start to freak out because of a cheesy country song? Oh ya know. because ONE TIME Tyler sang that song to me so that he could brag about how he knew all the lyrics. Thankfully i was alone, and no one else had to witness the sad pitiful paisley pulled off on the side of the road having herself a good little cry. Its times like this when i really appreciate tinted windows. 
  • seeing my friend Kori at a leadership weekend at SUU. I love her, and every time i see her i am always surprised at how much we have in common!
  • being told date-disaster stories by my cousin Colby while riding shotgun in his Swag Van. {{ its purple with flames}} last Saturday. 
  • Road trips where its just me, the rain, and my beautiful singing voice belting it down the highway. 
  • Christine and I taking ourselves out for a ice cream sundae after the Tyler goodbye sesh, going down Thrill Hill, and having ourselves a good ole cry. It may not seem awesome, and it kinda wasn't. But on the other hand, it was nice to have someone to laugh and cry and get snot and mascara everywhere with. 
  • For FHE this week, we spent 2 hours making up lyrics to the song Hotel California that were about the upcoming dreaded  Bringhurst Family Reunion. Not to brag, but we could make a living off of funny song lyrics. Weird Al made bank off it, why can't we??!! Anywho, it was a good family home evening to say he least. 
  • This picture. More specifically these people. And Kelci's chair. (; 

Well, there's a recap of the awkward/awesomeness of my life. Thanks for enduring and reading that whole post. You will be blessed by the blog gods. 
Love P

P.S. the answer to that "Two truths and a Lie" post was #2. I have never actually toilet papered anyone's house with my madre, but one time she really did take me. We were in the car, parked outside a house, but we chickened out.  


The Stratton's said...

Colby's famous! This is great :)

Paisley Pearson said...

It was seriously so funny. Although i had already heard the story before, it was still hilarious!