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All in a Day's Work

Challenge 2 Day 3: Bullet your whole day

7:30 Wake Up
8:00 Go to School
8:15 Be a Teacher's Aid for my dad 
                This usually means 5 minutes of making copies and 80 minutes of doing whatever my heart desires
9:40 Go to my Intro to Education class
11:00 Lunch 
11:40 Go to AP Literature
                 Yes, i know this may make me sound nerdy. But this class is seriously my favorite. I don't know how you can have a totally interesting and captivating class when my teacher wears Bob Marley t-shirts and pajama pants everyday, but hey. it works. 
1:15 Come home {thanks to wonderful college credit earned this summer}
1:30 Watch a few episodes from One Tree Hill      
                   {yes. i did restart the series. i'm addicted.}
3:00 Go to Softball Practice
5:30 Come home
6:30 Dinner
7:00 Finish dreaded Chemistry homework :/
7:24 Procrastinate previously mentioned Chem homework, check Facebook, write a new post on the ole blog 

And thats all i've done today. Not that you really cared at all, unless you have taken up stalking as a side job, but hey, now you know all about the EXCITING and CAPTIVATING life of Paisley Pearson. You're welcome! 

 Please come visit again soon! I promise i don't always do dumb posts {well... hopefully i dont}
Love you.
Love P 

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