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Called to Serve

Today i just wanted to put in a little plug on how awesome missionaries are. This morning i got to
go to two farewells, both of which were really good friends who are about to leave on their missions.
 {{dont know what i'm talking about? learn more here}}
The first one was my dear friend Tyler Stone. He is going to Long Beach, CA and will be speaking spanish! His farewell was really special because both he and his sister Kenzi are leaving for the MTC on the same day! How cool is that? Heavenly Father must be looking out for them. Anyways, they both gave their farewell talks and it was so spiritual. They are both amazing people and will do wonderful work on their missions. I'm gonna miss Ty like crazy, but i know he will be doing awesome work for the Lord. 

The second farewell i got to attend today was for my friend Jacob Delagarza. He is going to be serving in the Thailand Bangkok mission, and leaves the beginning of February. Even though I've only known Jake for about a year and half I love the kid to death. He is my heart to heart pal and is always willing to listen to my oh-so-important crisis's in life. He'll be greatly missed too, but i know the people of Thailand will be blessed to have him there. 

gaahh. missions are so awesome. I'm so grateful to have friends who have lived righteously and are worthy to go on missions.
They have been such great examples to me, and i'm so lucky to know them.
So there's my quick note on missions. 
Sorry I haven't been good at keeping up with my challenges, but i've just been busy busy. So don't be surprised if i whip out 2 or 3 more posts today. 

Have a great Sunday world. 
Life is good.
Love P

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