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Fly Me to the Moon

I'm sorry I've been a little behind on my blogging lately, but its been a little busy in my neck of the woods. Anywho, i thought I would update you all on my preference date last week. It was so so fun. We went tubing up at Brian Head, and laughed our little heads off. Our group was hilarious, and it was an all around good time. 

Later that night, we went to dinner at Bucca di Peppo, a cute little Italian restaurant that played Frank Sinatra **sigh**. It was perfect. The food was great, the waitress's accent was very fake, and Maren and Tyler's meatballs were the size of a baked potato. All in all it was a success. 
Here's me with my oh-so-handsome date Bryce Drawe. He was such a gentleman and i had a blast with him. 
Definitely one of the best girls choice dances i've attended!! 

Well, there's a little update, i promise to get back into the swing of the blogging life!
Love P 

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