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A & A: Spring Break Edition


  • seeing a hearse driving about 90 mph in the carpool lane on our way to California. Either they had a full load, or someone had hijacked a hearse. WE WILL NEVER KNOW. 
  • Accidentally using the service elevator in our hotel instead of the one for guests. We thought that it was weird that tons of maids and repairmen kept getting on with us, but we thought they were the problem. This just goes to show how awkward and spacey we are. (;
  • Wearing yellow shirts that are identical 2 out of the 3 days. People kept seeing us from day to day and you could tell they were thinking "That crazy family from Utah is wearing the same thing as they were on Monday. Stay away!!" 
  • standing in line behind a someone who obviously was confused. We spent the entire 30 minutes waiting in line debating whether this person was a man or a woman. My vote is woman turned man. But regardless there may have been some guesses that were not whispered and a few suspicious looks from the man-woman. 
  • Hahahaha okay. So this was SO SO SO hilarious and awkward. The family was doing our usual speed walk to Splash Mountain at the end of the night. Well, as we are walking, we pass this rather large man who is also walking quite fast. However, he must have been in more of a crisis because right when our family passed him he let out THE LOUDEST and LONGEST fart I have ever heard. {And that's saying something being in the Stratton family (; } It sounded like the earth was ripping apart right then and there. It was hilarious and we all endured a slightly awkward moment of not knowing if we should laugh or run in terror. Poor man. 
  • Being the butt of all the jokes at Disneyland because of Disneyland.
  • On Saturday I spent the day watching the high school baseball tournament with some friends. Well, there was one boy in particular who had REALLY tight pants. He looked like he was embracing his inner Emo, and it was quite a sight. Well, my friend Lexi thought it would be a great idea to loudly voice this fact to me. However, she did not know that boy's mother was sitting right behind us. So when Lex said "PAIS! Look how tight _______'s pants are! Especially on his butt!" his mother didn't exactly appreciate that. And it was SO beyond awkward. And now we will never be able to look his mom in the eye again.


  • Our shuttle driver at D-Land insisted on us calling him "Uncle Bill". He was a skinny black guy that was so sweet and loved to quiz us with Disney trivia and tell us lame jokes about Donald Duck. 
  • Breakfast at our hotel was served on the roof. How cool is that? Let me tell ya, there is nothing like eating waffles and juice on the roof overlooking Disneyland and Anaheim in the morning. 
  • Going on Splash Mountain at night. Let's be real, that ride is spectacular any time of the day, but what could be better than plummeting 50 feet in the dark?! Plus, there's shorter lines because only crazy people get soaking wet at 9:30 at night. 
  • Eating lunch in New Orleans Square. We always eat there because it has some nice shade and most of the time a live jazz band is playing. If you go there in the near future, eat in New Orleans. It's totally awesome. 
  • Becoming instant friends with the other families wearing yellow shirts at Disneyland. There is an unspoken understanding and level of compassion felt towards other families enduring humiliation and endless stares. 
  • The fireworks. They are so beautiful and I have to admit, I had myself a little deep moment watching all those lights go off. Isn't it cool that hundreds of people will gather together to watch something as simple as lights in the sky? I don't know. It sounds stupid now that I've typed it, but in the moment it was a cool thought. Don't judge me for my stupid attempts at being a deep thinker please.
  • Eating and In-N-Out. Whenever we go on vacation, we always eat lunch at In-N-Out because it is just so gosh dang delicious!!! 
  • Sleeping in my own bed after sharing one with my brother for 4 days. There was no snoring, sheet stealing, or foot kicking the entire night. Hoorah for Israel!
  • Baseball. And baseball boys. We'll just leave it at that. 
Well, life is awkward and awesome as always!
Hope you are having a wondrous day wherever you are reading from. 
Love P 

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