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A Week in the Magical Kingdom

If you think you had a better Spring Break than me, you are definitely wrong. You see, the fam and I just got back from the most enjoyable week ever in Anaheim California. We went to Disneyland and spent three days there. It was pure bliss and my feet are still bleeding    my feet didn't even get sore.

Disneyland vacations with my family are not the average rest & relaxation that most families experience. Our trips consist of carefully planned routes and schedules synchronized with FastPass tickets. It's not a true Pearson Disneyland trip if the day doesn't start with a 100 meter dash across the intersection to the bus stop. What our family does, no family could possibly replicate. Naps are for the weak. A nice stroll through the park is out of the question. If you aren't speedwalking at least 13 mph you will be cut out of the will. There is no time for potty breaks, because Space Mountain closes in 8 MINUTES, GOSH DANG IT!  We go hard, and that's all I can say.  We eat pre-cooked and frozen enchiladas that we warm up in the mini microwave, and can cut through a crowd like a knife. You really have to experience it to understand. 

We are definitely quirky. And the fact that we are a BMF {Big Mormon Family} definitely does not help us blend in. Even though we were missing one sibling, we still consisted of a family of four kids. Which, in today's world is not normal. If that was not enough, we were wearing "Blind-You-With-Happiness" yellow shirts. We stayed true to tradition and wore them. Naturally, we were the butt of all the jokes in the Magical Kingdom. The train conductor made countless jokes about "Banana Republic", the Jungle Cruise guide said that we would get eaten by gorillas because we were dressed as bananas, and even Billy Hill at the Golden Horseshoe worked our "Yellow Team" into his comedy show.  As much as I grump and complain about wearing those stupid yellow shirts, they actually make a lot of fun memories. Without them, we wouldn't blind the other vacationists at breakfast, be able to keep track of each other, or have near as much sunshiney cheer. They are what make our trips memorable, so hey. It's all good. [I'm just glad I don't have to wear them for many moons.] 

And now I don't know how to write anymore about what we've gone through the last 5 days, so how bout I just get to some pictures eh? Okay.  Also, sorry there are so many of them. I get a little photo crazy. 

 ^^ Starting the day out right: Yellow shirts and sleepy smiles

 ^^ Early morning Ninja games between Dad & Caleb

 ^^ Aren't we cute? Oh, and bonus. If you squint it looks like I have a peg leg. Hooray for the compression sock of death.


 ^^ Here's some flowers that were along the Matterhorn. I had plenty of time to capture their beauty while standing in line for 40 minutes.


 ^^Soarin' Over California



 ^^ California Adventure

^^ Caution: looking directly at our shirts has been known to cause blindness, cancer, and birth defects.  

 ^^ This kid stayed happy and excited the ENTIRE trip. I swear he was skipping and jumping all day long. 

 ^^ On the new cars ride. It's awesome, but only if you have Fast Passes for it. Otherwise you'll be in line for over 2 hours. 

 ^^ Can you spot us? There we are! Behind the father who was more scared than his two kids. 

 ^^ Late night Tea Cup Adventures. 

 ^^ This was our Jungle Cruise guide. His name was Jim, and he was hilarious! He was also the man who made fun of our banana shirts. 

 ^^ The Great Brains behind the Disneyland Expedition 



 ^^ There may have been some illegal dancing on top of the Brig. But when you feel like dancing, you just gotta roll with it. 

^^ If you go to Disneyland, you gotta go see the show at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland. It is hilarious. You will laugh SO hard, and the building is air conditioned, so thats a plus. 

^^Caleb was so brave and decided to go first on one of our rides on Splash Mountain. 

^^ Here's one of our traditions. On the last night we eat these delicious ice cream cones and then sit on Main Street and watch all the grumpy parents and sobbing children go home. It's one of the best parts of our trip. Because what could be better than waffle cones and mint chocolate chip ice cream? 

^^ My siblings are cuter than yours.

It's been a most excellent week. But I'm so glad to be back to dry air, baseball games, and my own bed.

Thanks for stopping by, and congratulations on making it to the end of the longest post ever. 
Don't worry, there's gonna be some Awkward and Awesome comin up real soon. real soon. 
Love P 

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The Stratton's said...

Birth defects! Haha. Are you suggesting our whole family could be living proof of such a thing? Haha...

And those flowers, I love them too. The are called anemones. No, Nemo doesn't live in this kind and yes, I love to plant them in my yard every year. This year I have purple ones and some white ones with a purple-ish red center :)

I want to join you on one of these epic adventures. Not as a true tag along that would slow you down, but as a bystander that would love to learn your tricks and become as cool as you someday :)