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Sunny News for a Sunny Sunday

It has been such a great weekend, with so many wonderful things to share.

Numbero Uno:  This Happened.
After literally years upon years of scheming and matchmaking, my cousin Casey and a good friend Kelsey are getting hitched. They are SO beyond perfect for each other, and i'm so happy for them. I'm also PRETTY proud of the gang's matchmaking skills, and I think it calls for a celebratory dinner. Who's in? 

Numbero Two: 

This will be where i'm spending the Spring Break, and it is going to be heavenly weather at the Happiest Place on Earth. Thank you weather gods for giving us clear skies and sunny days. 

Numbero Three:

This is happening again. And we're wearing the exact same fluorescent yellow shirts, so at least that will be fun. However, I assure you, we will be going up a little bit on the notch of "coolness". We have luckily gone out of the ever so awkward puberty years, mom has gone a little darker with her hair color, and this year we won't be donning lanyards. 

These are pictures from our last excursion to Disneyland, and I can assure you, we won't be wearing gym shorts. It is kinda fun to look back to our last trip, when Dylan was actually shorter than Caitlin and Chantell was the sweetest thing on earth. How time flies. 

{I'm sorry that these pictures and the people in them are quite the eye-sore, but you can expect more of these in the very near future.}

It's been a pretty swell weekend here on the home front, and this week will be even better. 
Thanks for visiting, come back soon.
Love P 

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