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The Truth About Life

Today I overheard someone talking about the golden years. I thought that they must be talking about the 70's or 80's, but no. They were talking about the 90's. And then I got to thinking that the 90's happened over 20 years ago. And then an even more disturbing thought came into my head... "You have almost been alive for 2 decades. YOU ARE SO OLD."  You see, in some naive way I still feel like I am nine years old. When I think that I will be 20 in two years I want to cry. HOW CAN I BE THIS OLD???
 feel free to comment below and answer that question. 

Anyways, after I had sufficiently freaked myself out I began thinking about all the so-called "Truths of Life" that I have learned in all my 18 years. So, I thought I'd share some of them. So here ya go.

  • Your car will always get a flat tire on the morning when you ABSOLUTELY cannot be late for school. 
  • You will always get pulled over when you don't have your drivers licence with you. 
  • When you actually do your homework, it won't be due
  • When you don't do your homework, it WILL be due, and will be worth a kazillion points. 
  • Your body will always decide to be a woman when you are wearing a nice white dress.
  • Your delectable piece of homemade wheat bread with strawberry jam will always land upside down.
  • When you are talking about someone, they will always be standing somewhere near you.
  • No matter how cool you think you look in big yellow shirts, you won't be cool. You'll be nerdy. But you'll have to embrace it, because mom says we will all  wear yellow shirts to disneyland. 
  • The moment you bring a friend to a family function, there will be a HUGE and LOUD discussion on either welfare, birth control, or the president. It's inevitable.
  • When you think you understand Chemistry, in actuality you are wrong. Your dog could balance equations better than you.
  • The cute baseball player will always be looking when you hit the tee over at softball practice.
  • Pictures will always be taken when you are making a face like a Phoenix being reborn from the ashes.

And that my friends, is the truth. 
Love P 

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The Stratton's said...

Ahahaha! Those truths are profound... and remind me to tell you all about old when we see each other next.