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Today I thought I would share something that is pretty gosh darn awesome. 
So, I have these two great friends named Tanner and Bryce. They are both amazing boys and some of the greatest in our town. I've gone to dances with both of them, and I love them to death. 

Well, a few weeks ago they submitted their mission papers. They were both so excited to find out where they were going, and even decided to document this excitement two weeks ago at Tanner's 18th birthday party. 

Well, two days ago on Friday they both received that big bulky envelope from Salt Lake City that held their mission calls. I'll just let you watch these two videos and then you'll see how awesome their lives are going to be. 

Isn't that CRAZY??!!!! They will be serving in exactly the same mission, and leave for the MTC on exactly the same day. Oh my. I still can't get over how awesome this is. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. They are so lucky they will have each other on their missions, and I am so proud of them for choosing to serve missions!

Love P 


The Stratton's said...

Wow! That is fantastic. The reaction at Tanner's was amazing. Made me cry... and I don't even know these rascals. Haha.

Unknown said...

@andrea It makes me cry too! I still can't beieve it.