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Awkward & Awesome


- Spilling water on my lap twice in under two hours, making it so I walked around SUU looking like I had peed my pants. It's no wonder the boys come flocking to me.... HA. NOT.
- Spending all of Thursday with hundreds of other nerdy children from around the state. And I had to accept that as much as I tried not to be, I was one of them.
- Witnessing an almost rape/kidnapping/who-knows-what-else  at the college. This creepy Skid came and started pulling some serious moves on this girl I know, and IT WAS SCARY. Luckily, Summer and I threatened him with the ole "Touch her and we'll kick you clear to China" glare.
- Poopaper. I know exactly what you are thinking. "She must have made a typo. There's no way there is such a thing as poopaper."   ITS REAL. Made straight from the droppings of elephants in Africa, you too can write your chemistry notes on recycled crap. Sold at your local SUU bookstore!!!
- Being checked out by the gas-station man when I was buying my apple juice. This whole "checking me out" thing  never happens  doesn't happen very often, and it is just plain weird and awkward.


- Seeing so many friends on Thursday. I saw Christine, Anna, Jael, Kenzie, Emily and so many others in the space of 3 hours.
- Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from Hogi Yogi.
- Taking senior pictures with my sweet sweet cousin Andrea.
- Sunday bike rides and talks about the future with my sweet brother Dylan.
- Getting an update from my favorite friend and being amazed by the awesome experiences and occurances that happen every day on his mission.

Even when life get crazy and hectic, it's good to stop and realize how good life is. 
And even though my life is awkward as heck, it's pretty awesome. 
Thanks for stopping by, xoxo
Love P

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