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A&A: Welcome to Summer.

Hello there fellow friends. I"m terribly sorry i've been MIA the last few weeks, but like always life gets busy and my good intentions to blog never get carried out. It's been a good few weeks since graduation, and they've been filled with more awkwardness and awesomeness than i can remember. But I'm gonna try and do my best to remember EVERY little awkward morsel of my life. Ready? Okay.


  • Getting hit on by men, women, and children at my job. This sounds like an exaggeration, but IT'S. NOT. Now, dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a little flirtation between the cute guys that come through, but when it's a 75 year old fisherman it's a little on the creepy side. Also, thanks to my awkward luck in life, i've also been hit on by three girls, a six year old, and a dog. I love my job. 
  • Answering my home phone with a fake cheery "Sand Hollow State Park, this is Paisley. How can I help you?!" and feeling like a complete idiot when I realized I was standing in my kitchen no where near the lake. It was a confusing and awkward moment for both me and our neighbor who was calling to borrow some eggs. 
  • I am now the laughing stalk of my neighborhood, my ward, the entire town of Hurricane, and probably the far corners of the earth. So... last week I was coming home late from a baseball game when I saw someone going through my neighbors house with a flashlight. I was totally freaked out because I knew the family was in California on vacation and no one should be in their house. Especially not with a flashlight. I hurried and called my dad and had him call 911. This is where it gets good. Like 2985098023958 billion police officers pulled up {actually more like 5 but i'm trying to convey my point} and had the house surrounded. More police showed up so that there would be no way this 'robber' could escape. Well, meanwhile I am calling my friend Jessica who lives in the house nonstop. Finally she picks up the phone and says that she and the twins were home from Cali, and that the twins were at the house. Well, then I started to worry that there was a murderer in the house with the twins. And then BOOM my mind escalated and all of a sudden I thought the boys were going to be killed by an evil robber and it would just be terrible. Finally the police go into the house and GUESS WHAT? That flashlight I saw? Oh. It was just the twins reading their scriptures with their flashlights. QUE THE AWKWARDNESS AND THE EMBARRASSMENT AND THE EVERYTHING. I had cried wolf on two ten year olds reading the holy book. ................. I know. I'm stupid and yes, you can laugh at me all you want. I laughed at myself too {after I stopped crying at myself in embarassment}. I can't go anywhere without someone telling me that I should get a badge that says neighborhood watch dog or something of the sort. All in all, its been an interesting week. (;
  • The fact that I got asked on more dates by guys writing in my yearbook than in my entire life. I'm glad they all waited until I graduated so that I can be officially "Old" and  a "super senior". Hooray for my excellent luck with boys. ****sarcasm***** 
  • My graduation present!!! I combined some of my graduation money and bought myself a brand spanking new Nikon d3100 camera. Aaaaaaaannnnnndddd I love it. I haven't exactly had oodles of time to experience the full experience yet, but it's glorious just sitting on my desk. 
  • Temple trips and mandatory Iceburg shakes with my beautiful friend Kelci. 
  • Being baptized by my trek brother Tanner Butler. He is on a service mission at the St. George temple, and when we walked into the baptistry his face literally lit up. He is such a sweet kid and I'm proud of him for serving so many people everyday. 
  • Swimming with the fam and enjoying a peaceful evening in the backyard reading on our new patio furniture. Which deserves its own bullet point of awesomeness
  • Our patio furniture
  • When I am scheduled to work with my friends Christine and Logan. Bless their souls, they just get my odd sense of humor and don't look at me weird when I am crazy. 
Cheers to the end of a good weekend and the start of an even better summer.
Love P 

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