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for the beauty of the earth

This weekend we escaped to the mountain for some relief from the 115 degree heat and the craziness of the world. It was beautiful and breezy and just what the doctor ordered. This morning I woke up with the sun and pondered the beauty of the world around me. It is unbelievable to me that people can live in this beautiful world and not believe that there is something more to life. That this earth and all of its hills, mountains, and valleys were just created by chance. When I look at the wonderful world around me, I thank my Heavenly Father for sending me to this beautiful earth and to a family where I can enjoy the beautiful Kolob mountains for the rest of my life. Lately I've really been thinking about God's plan for us, and how he has blessed us with so many things to make us happy in life. I am so thankful for everything that I have been blessed with. I am grateful for family that sings songs while we drive through the fields. I am thankful for quiet mornings spent walking through the woods. I am thankful for midnight story sessions with my grandma and uncle, where I learn more about my grandpa. I am thankful for wildflowers and blue skies. And most importantly, I am thankful for this life, and all the adventures I'm about to go on. 

Here's to life and everything we've been blessed with.
Take a moment and just take in all the beauty around you, will ya? (: 
Thanks for stopping by!
Love P

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