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{small town lovin'}


Some people believe that the only place worth living is the city, where there are hundreds of fancy department stores, five star restaurants, and Broadway shows. Some people live for the bright city lights and the constant noise of a train station. Some people would be embarrassed to live anywhere but the metro. But not me. I guess you could say I was born for the small town life.

When I was seven years old, my dad received a phone call from this guy named Jody Rich. My dad was being offered a job at Hurricane High School, and later that summer we moved from the suburbs of Salt Lake City to this small dusty town named Hurricane. I was familiar with the town because my mom's entire family lived in the Hurricane Valley. For me, the move was a dream come true. I lived with my grandparents, ran through the orchard with my gang of cousins, went horseback riding with my aunt, and knew every kid on my street. In South Jordan, we couldn't do any of these things.  For the rest of my childhood and my teenage years I would come to live and breathe for my small town. Over the eleven years I've lived here, I have realized that even though the city life is appealing, nothing is quite like being a small town girl. There are definitely downsides, but more than anything there are joys. Joys that are so simple most people would overlook them. 

So I've decided to share a little bit about what living in a small town means, and why I love it so much. Here we go (: 

Small town living means that evenings are spent on the porch with family and neighbors just shooting the breeze. It means that you are never too old to sail a Popsicle stick sail boat down the irrigation ditch. It means that as a young teenager you can't wait for 9:00 to roll around so that you can go play night games with the other neighborhood kids in the church orchard. In a small town, you spend a big part of your day stuck behind Brother Reeve driving his farm equipment down the road going under 10 mph. You have to wait to start practice because your teammate decided to ride her horse to practice, and she needs some place to tie it off. Small town living means that on a Friday night in the fall, anyone and everyone is at the High School football game. The rest of the town is empty except for the cheers that can be heard from the stadium. In a small town everyone knows everyone, which can either be a blessing or a curse. Families that settled the town are still there, and you are most likely related to everyone in some way. The mayor owns a barbershop and knows everyone by name. Gossip and news travel fast, so you've got to be careful what you do. Small town living means you know everyone in your high school, and you can recite the names of almost every person in you graduating class. It means that in the summer there will be bonfires out south, Pioneer Day parades, and movies in your neighbors backyard. Living in a small town means that when disaster strikes, the town will come together and give 110% to make things better. And finally, living in a small town means that you are guaranteed a magical childhood, and memories that you will never forget. 

Pretty soon i'm moving away and going to college. Even though I won't be living in my small town, I'll always be a small town girl at heart. 

Love P

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I love your thoughts about our fantastic home :)