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Awks and Awesome: End of Summer Edition


  • Accidentally sending a snapchat to the wrong person. Which normally wouldn't be that big a deal right? WRONGO. Because the picture I sent was in the middle of an ugly face competition and instead of sending it to Christine, I sent it to Logan, which made for an even more awkward apology snap to try and fix my pride. 
  • The fact that I've done that ^^^ more times this week than I care to count.
  • Belting out Phantom of the Opera songs with Christine at work, and having a customer walk in right at the big chorus. And Christine just zoomed right out of sight and into the backroom and left me all alone to look like a complete idiot while I frantically tried to pause the song. Then even more awkward was the fact that I tried to act like he had not just witnessed me doing dreadful dance moves and said "What can I do for you?" in my sweet little work voice. 
  • Writing Christine's phone number on one of the receipts at work, and accidentally handing it to our old principal KPed. hahahahahaahahahahahahaahahah. And then he looked at it, then back at me, and I just slammed that sliding door and tried not to pee my pants all over the newly swept floor. 
  • going to the softball field last night to turn on the lights before our little get together and finding two people making out. hardcore. And I just said a little "hi guys" and they just went back to business and I just went on with my own business and it was like a little wierd bonding moment of being a third wheel in the strangest way. Ten points to Gryffindor!!! 
  • Watching ghost videos on YouTube and being so jumpy that when a fly buzzed near my head I screamed bloody murder. 
  • How much junk I had in my room all these years. I've started the packing process, and you wouldn't believe how many love notes, young women handouts, and ticket stubs have been hiding out in my room. On the plus side though, those love notes gave me some pretty great laughs.


  •  Getting to spend Christine's last day of work with her. And boy did we ever go out in style. There were cinnamon rolls, mustache pictures, celine dion songs, long chats about boys, and lots of laughs. It was seriously one of the very best days of work EVER.
  • The peaches on our trees are ready to eat! I've already consumed probably 156 pounds of fresh peaches, but hey. That's the best part of August right? 
  • talks that last long into the night
  • playing again with all my girls under the lights these last few weeks. It's like a little piece of home has been found again. So many laughs, jokes, and Dotson imitations it's not even funny. 
  • Not having to go to school with all the other kids today, because guess what? I'm done with high school! AH YEAH. 
  • I'm getting so excited to go up to cedar in a few weeks. I am just ready for some new faces, new adventures, and new things to learn. 
Have a most awesome Wednesday, and be a little awkward will ya? 
Love P 

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