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[ A & A ]

  • When people try to correct me about swimmers itch is. Like please. I didn't spend 10 gazillion hours in the desert of Hell telling people about swimmers itch for nothing. PLEASE don't try to tell me what it is. I WILL LAUNCH INTO MY 3 MINUTE SWIMMERS ITCH SPEECH. And it's not very pretty. (; 
  • The fact that every boy at college is either a pre-mish, married, or a foreign exchange student. THE ODDS ARE NOT IN MY FAVOR.  Okay, so there is one boy who maybe has potential, but naturally, I'm must my awkward self and we've had like.... two conversations. Oi. Maybe I should just stay inside all day and watch One Tree Hill and not do my homework. Oh wait.... thats what I do all day erryday. 
  • Okay, three words. Miss SUU Pageant. On Tuesday I went with Haylee and Jess and between the over-excited opera singer and the girl who said her best two qualities were her hair and her humor, it was just an all around awkward-fest. I'm just glad I wasn't up there. Much better to laugh at other people's awkwardness from down below than be the awkward one up on stage. 
  • Having to watch a documentary on the process of becoming a Castrato in my music class. Don't know what that is? Go ask your mom. 
  • Being late to sunday school and having to sit on the front row because there were no other seats and then the lesson was on the law of chastity. And everything was so much more awkward because I was on the front row and the entire time it felt like it was just me getting taught. SO AWKWARD. 

  • Our Conference-half time Family Football Showdown that took place this weekend. And I'm proud to say, my PAT's are coming along quite nicely [minus the one I shanked clear into the boonies], and guess what??? I punted a ball further than my mom, which is like the ultimate award because she is seriously a football goddess. Also, shoutout to my little bro Caleb who can throw a better spiral than all of us. 
  • Conference weekend. It was so great to be spiritually reboosted and hear from the prophets and apostles. 
  • Going to dinner at Pizza Factory with Jess and Haylee, and then devouring some delicious apple pie + ice cream afterwards
  • Staying up into the wee hours of the night sharing date horror stories, embarrassing moments, and other hilarious tales with the roomies
  • Saran-wrapping {that was probs spelled totally wrong} Hailey's bed and then duct taping it so that she couldn't go to bed. You could say we are the ultimate pranksters
  • Cancelled classes that make it possible for me to stay snug in my bed and listen to the rain tap against my window. #HEAVEN

 Have a good week. Good luck with midterms and life and all that jazz! 
Love P

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