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a birthday post and some opened mouth pictures



Last Wednesday I turned nineteen and even though it was weird being away from my family on my birthday, I had a pretty great one at ole college. The day started off with a bang when I had to text my roommate if I could come out of my room and go to the bathroom. You see, they had worked long and hard decorating my door all cute, and I didn't want to ruin their "surprise" but man. I had to go so bad. Luckily Katie let me come out, and all was good. Isn't that door awesome? I have such good roommates (: Later that evening we went ice skating, and boys and germs, I didn't fall one single time! So basically you could say I'm a pro... well... maybe we'll just say I survived (; After skating we celebrated with cake (after we snuck in a lighter) and drank some Martinelli's that my mother had sent with me for special occasions. Also, I think my new favorite thing is to take pictures with my mouth open? haha I'm weird. I know. 

Anyways, nineteen feels pretty good. 
Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes my way. 
You da best. 
Love P

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