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Peaks, Pits, and Pictures

It's 3:30 in the morning and I find myself wide awake, mainly because my cold put me to bed at 8:00 and now I am just so ready to start my day! I figured I would just roll with this whole no-sleep thing and update the blog about life. Guys. Life is seriously so great right now. Sure, it always has its bad days, but lately I've been embracing those too and learning that life has to have bad days in order to make good ones! So here's some of the recent peaks and pits of life lately, as well as some pictures (because that's my favorite part).


  • This blasted cold has knocked me right on my butt this week, and at this point I don't even care that my eyes are constantly watering and making me look like I'm just bawling all the time. I'm just praying I've served my time and can get back to being healthy again!
  • Okay. So me and my mom are basically the same person. And we agree on pretty much everything, so the few times that we don't agree, it's kinda humorous how mad we get. Anyways, Saturday morning we got in a little disagreement and I ended up being maybe a little too honest with her. We are both so stubborn that neither of us would admit we were wrong. I ended up going over to my sisters house, but the whole time I just felt so bad because I knew that my mom would be at the house feeling sad so I called my mom and told her I was so so so sorry and that she was right and I was being stubborn and she just started laughing and saying the same thing. I don't really know why this was a low of the week, but now it just makes me laugh because even when we get mad, we are so much alike that it never lasts very long. Sorry. I'm rambling. 
  • It's baseball/softball season and it's a sad day when it really hits home that that part of your life is over and that all the hard work you put into becoming good in your sport has come to an end. I'm so excited to watch my brother play high school ball this year, and of course, cheer on my girls. 


  • Hiking with my siblings at Red Cliffs last Saturday while it was 70 degrees in Hurricane. It was sunny and hot and I put on shorts for the first time this year and basically just loved life. It was such a great day to be out with my family, and exactly what I needed on that day. 
  • My college schedule is so great that I have only had to stay and go to class one friday the entire semester! High five for that, because literally it's been the best thing since sliced bread.
  • We got the housing arrangement for next year all figured out, and I am SO excited to live with Cierra and Syd next year! It's gonna be fantastic. 
  • I finally got a letter back from Christine after a few weeks, and I just love her. It's so funny because everytime I read her letters I imagine her saying it to me, and I can hear exactly how she would be talking to me. I love that girl. She is such a great example and despite recent hardships in her mission, she is just taking mission life by the storm. 
  • My english professor thought my english paper was so great that she asked if she could have it to use as an example in class! HOLY.  I didn't think it was that great, but it's awesome to be praised so highly for hardwork. Almost made that paper worth all the late nights (;
  • This next one has been the highest point of my life lately. I have been praying for an answer/comfort to a certain question for about the last year, and after months and months of searching, praying and more searching, I finally found it. It's crazy how sometimes the answer to prayers comes in the most unusual places. Mine came at the bottom of a stack of old Ensign articles that caught my eye as I was putting new paper in the printer. Weird right? Who would ever think to look there? But I am so glad that my Heavenly Father sent me my answer and it was exactly what I had been searching all these months for. It was truly humbling to realize that the Lord's timing had been perfect and made me realize again that the Lord has a plan for me, and that he knows exactly when I need my prayers answered. I am just so thankful to have peace of mind and I can now move on and be truly happy! 

Pictures: {because that's the best part}

Have an splendid weekend! 

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The Stratton's said...

Loved this. It's been 10 years for me since I was done with softball and the smell of springtime and dirt still makes me just a tiny bit sad. I didn't know you and Cierra are going to live together next year!! How fun!